Home Additions

Have you grown too big for your house? At any given time in our lives, our family dynamic can change. But even when the dynamic changes, it may not feel like the best time for you to move to another house. That’s when it’s time for a house addition. There are many reasons why homeowners call on us at Jay Miller General Contractors, a home addition contractor serving the Lehigh Valley, to help in expanding their home. additions

Add a Garage to Your Home

The first is something very simple like a garage. The temperature changes here in Pennsylvania can be quite drastic and will take a toll on your car. This would not only provide a perfect reason for you to keep your car in an enclosed space, but it will also offer some extra storage for tools and other seasonal items. Also, nothing beats pulling into a dry garage when the weather outside is horrible.

Need an In-Law Suite?

One home addition that a lot of owners consider is a suite for older parents. Even if you have no one living with you at the time, a suite is a perfect solution for guests as well. Everyone loves having their own space and being able to spend some time by themselves. Another reason why this is a popular home addition is that you can rent out the space and make some extra income on the side.

Expand Your Master Suite

Another popular home addition plan is expanding the master suite. Home owners love their master suites and enjoy spending time in them. Some options that most want in their master suite is a spacious closet, a spa oasis for a bathroom, and enough space to fit a large bed along with furniture for a reading area. This all takes space and some homes were not originally built with the necessary amount. This is where our team comes in and will transform your space into the retreat that you have always wanted.

We at Jay Miller General Contractors love taking our clients’ ideas and making them come alive. No home addition is too big for our professional team. We are there with you throughout the whole process. We start with your idea and then make a blueprint where you can see exactly how your new addition will look. After we get your final approval, construction begins. We will walk with you through the inspections and make sure your home addition is in perfect shape before the project is complete. As you can see, when you choose Jay Miller General Contractors, you choose the whole package.