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Our team will be with you from start to finish of your project. From idea to blueprint to build.


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We are known for garage additions, in-law suites, and expanding the primary (+ more).

Design & Build

Our team will be with you from start to finish of your project. From idea to blueprint to build.

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The award-winning design-build team of Jay Miller General Contractors has been designing and building new homes, additions and renovations since 1979. Although most known for their outstanding work on large residential estates, their projects also include smaller homes and townhouses, as well as pool houses, in-law suites, barns and vacation homes. Each Jay Miller General Contractors design draws inspiration from all forms of architecture, both traditional and modern. Through careful attention to classical proportion, pleasing human scale and tasteful detail, they design and build high-quality homes with timeless appeal that will never look outdated. They believe that all homes should be warm, welcoming, and full of light.

About us

At the age of 5, Jay Miller was often found huddled over a bucket of Lincoln Logs. “My parents bought me my first set, and I would get frustrated because I’d run out of logs before ideas.”

Jay’s early fascination with construction helped him excel in wood shop class and, later, a job with a local builder who taught him that “real estate and construction are what make this country run.”

Once Jay graduated from trade school, he launched a small business doing porch repairs, chimney rebuilds and other jobs involving fine carpentry and masonry work. “In the beginning, I didn’t even own a vehicle, so I’d walk my tools to the job site. This usually took several trips, but it was great exercise and taught me a lot about discipline.”

In 1979 – and equipped with the truck he’d always wanted – he founded Jay Miller General Contractors, Inc. in his home in Easton, PA. Now the office is located on North Delaware Drive in Easton.

“Opening the business was something I had envisioned for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to be the benchmark for other contractors,” says Jay. “While I was building the business, I always kept this saying in my head: A laborer works with his hands, a craftsman works with his hands and mind, and an artist works with his hands, mind and heart. My heart has always been in this.”

Today, more than 30 years later, Jay and his team of professionals continue to churn out ideas and transform homes into ideal living spaces for homeowners all throughout the area.

We Offer Financing

Jay Miller General Contractors is proud to offer personalized financing for every situation. We offer free consultations for your project.